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STARS-C Webinar Series
Starting from the bottom: Debating the foundations of mental health service improvements in complex settings

Over the last year, the STARS-C project team coordinated a webinar series that explored three areas that are key to the process of mental health service improvement, but rarely given the space needed to debate the complexities of these core issues that determine the success of efforts for service improvement: (1) Realities of community mental health systems; (2) community involvement in intervention and service design; and (3) measuring impact.

Each webinar featured speakers from countries in the Global South, alongside members of the STARS-C team reflecting on their efforts and responses to work through these challenges. We also included opportunities for small group discussion to allow speakers to reflect on how these topics impact their own work settings.

This webinar series was open to practitioners, policy makers, academic and members of the general public with an interest in the advancements of community led and community owned mental health systems.

STARS-C Webinar Series: Episode 1

STARS-C Webinar Series: Episode 1

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